Welcome to the Belly-Way Clinic

Welcome to the Belly-Way Clinic!

Belly-Way is a clinic and school for integrative gastroenterology health.

Have you also been told that your stomach or bowel disease is un-curable? That you will live till the rest of your life by taking medicines and probably have a surgery at future?

I have been told that too!

I’ve started my career at age 12, when I was diagnosed with gastritis (an inflammation disease of stomach). I didn’t know then, at the hospital in Moscow, that it will come to be my life professional purpose. My family and I made an Alia to Israel at 1979, and my life have changed dramatically.


My health became much better thanks to holistic nutritional treatment. So at age 20, I’ve decided to study nutrition sciences at Hebrew University in Rehovot, Israel.

After long way of working in health insurance clinics (Kupot-Holim), managing TPN (parenteral nutrition) with hospitals, studding Chinese medicine and Health couching, I have realized that I have a gift to give to the world. That is what I do for last 10 y, every day of my life.

Belly-way therapeutic and counseling method consist on understanding the holistic human nature. In contains nutritional guiding and counseling, supporting the health changes by traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs) and body-soul work with psychotherapy and mindfulness.

The method is supported by numerous studies and it probably works as we learn from more than 1200 patients we’ve treated at last 5 years. About 60% of them are at deep remission (non-active disease) and about 80% know what to do when the get ill again. It's rare and incredible statistic of success!

To help you to understand it better, I'de like you to meet Noa.

Noa, a beautiful 28-year-old woman was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Noa was suffering. Bloating, pain and cramps were part of her everyday life. Morning diarrhea would not let her leave the house early in order to get to work on time, and she was constantly late. She refused to meet guys because she was always afraid of bloating and gas revealing her secrete. She quit her studies because the pressure she was under during exams would make things worse. Noa was feeling hopeless.

One day her mother, which was desperately trying to find something to help her daughter, discovered "Belly Way Clinic" and convinced Noa to give it a chance. Noa, which has tried several alternative therapies and has even stopped some consultations in the past, agreed to try something new.

To her credit, she was dedicated. In an initial session about her expectations from the treatment, we informed her that there is no magic, and that she would have to be patient and prepare for a long journey together. Noa was completely recruited, which was necessary to get the desired remission.

Noa's therapy included listening to recorded lectures about nutrition for bowel diseases. These lectures were recorded  by me, a senior clinical dietitian and the founder & CEO of "Belly way". They taught her how to diagnose herself according to the "Traffic-light approach". She learned how to adjust her diet to every situation, how to choose her foods, what to eliminate from her diet and what to eat more regularly. She learned how to chew and drink properly. Her mother, watched the lectures with her, learned what foods to buy, how to prepare and cook them especially for Noa.

Simultaneously, Noa started being treated with Chinese medicine. Noa was diagnosed by our Chinese medical doctor, who specializes in bowel diseases, and got a therapeutic plan especially for her needs. Her therapy included acupuncture and herbal remedies. In addition, Noa was guided how to help herself with massaging special spots to relief pain and bloating. Noa got better, but not completely.

What about all the stress of her everyday life with bowel diseases? Noa wanted to re-enroll to law school and was willing to do all it would take to be able to stand up to the pressure of the profession. The influence of stress on relapses of IBD (Crohn's and ulcerative colitis) is very well known and established.

At that point, we appointed her to one of our wonderful body-soul psychotherapists, which also practiced other east-west techniques. Among others, she learned how to relax her body, how to breathe properly when she is feeling stressed. Noa discovered a wonderful world of meditation, which was never something she could do, but was now enjoying and practicing it on a daily basis.


Meet Noa, a beautiful 29 year old women, which once suffered from Crohn's disease and from Irritable bowels. Today she is no longer suffering: she started school again, met a nice guy. Every now and then, when she is very tired, her belly reminds her to treat it nicely. But Noa knows what to do and how to keep herself healthy. She knows what to eat and feel in control now. When friends ask her what changed, she replies, mysteriously smiling: "I spent a year with Belly-way".


We packed the entire method in to one easy "digestible" method. We built a variety of programs based on our therapeutic trinity. Among them are the "Relax the body and mind" workshop, an internet based course "Eat without suffering", escorted by personal dietary counseling, clinical sessions, free online manuals, lectures and conferences.

If you or your relatives suffer from gastro-intestinal diseases / conditions as Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastritis, diverticulitis and etc., and you are looking for integrative natural way to treat your belly, maybe it's your Belly-Way!


Who are we?

My name is Adi Zusman Rd BSc MBA, the founder and owner of Belly-way: clinic and school for health professionals for integrative gastroenterology treatments.   I’m Registered dietitian and health coacher.  My purpose is to help people with gut and stomach diseases to live healthy and independent life.

After 25 y of treating and studding a large variety of patients, I have developed a holistic model of treatment and founded Belly-way clinics and school. In our clinics work register, guided by me, dietitians and naturopaths, Chinese experts and body-soul psychotherapists. We specialists in gastro-intestinal patient only!

You can meet us at our branches at Ramat-Gan or Modiin, or you can be guided by us by Skype / GoToMeeting / Zoom.

We will be happy to talk with you at free phone talk, to find out if we are the address you are looking for!


To schedule the free conversation with one of our dietitians, please click here or call +972-58-4119911.

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